Registry Easy is very powerful, and is it safe?

After I have done a little bit research on Google, I decide to find out what is the best software on Registry maintaining solutions. Funny enough, I just came across Registry Easy (really fits what I want in the first place, Registry with easy operation). It is really power registry toolkit with great scanning and fixing engine and loads of add-on features. However, with so many features available, is it safe to use? After my thorough testing, it really meets up my expectation and it is absolutely safe with a little bit attention.

Registry is the heart and soul of Windows-based operating systems, like the Windows XP, Windows 2000, or the latest star Windows Vista. While all the activities you will carry out on the PC system have to be done and centrally maintained within the Registry repository (or famously referred to Registry database) of the operating system, it has been quite a headache for any computer users, whether the PC veteran or computer newbie, to manage the Registry by default through the machine friendly UI (for more information, you can refer to the official blog of Registry Easy), not the human friendly UI. That is why Registry Easy comes in handy. And that is why they sell well like hot dog while remaining the strong strength in the industry. There have been quite a lot of arguments on what kind of software you could utilize to manage the Registry and optimize the PC system (I am pretty sure that everybody just cares about WHAT I WANT IS HOW TO MAKE MY PC RUN FAST and STABLE!). Yep, nobody gives a damn for what is Registry. Easy and Simple Philosophy Nearly every average PC user just takes PC as a tool to effectively increase productivity or a way to enjoy a better life. Since not everybody is computer genius or some sort of computer master, we absolutely don’t want to increase our headache while using computer, and instead would rather take the easy and simple way out. A lot of registry related software follow the same methodology providing users a simple interface with easy operation (usually just a few clicks), such as Registry Easy, Registry Mechanics, etc…

Why Registry Easy?
Registry Easy
uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all. Furthermore, the rich add-on utilities would definitely provide more flexibility on optimizing your system to the optimal and stable performance state.

Registry Easy absolutely is the top choice for every average computer user who wants to ease the pain of PC slowdown or PC instability. Powered by its powerful and elegant scanning and fixing engine, Registry Easy really makes the things EASY out with only few clicks to automatically fix the problems for you. During the testing, Registry Easy runs perfectly and fast while using a very low system resources (you can’t image it can run even on 386 computers!). To be sure, it really can save your old or junk- hijacked PC from the dark days. Registry Easy can run on a wide range of operating system from Windows 98 to the latest star Windows Vista (really great, isn’t’ it?) though there still some small issue while running on Windows Vista where the fundamental features can run very well (contacted the official support regarding this issue, they said they will provide updates every two weeks on the official site; not bad at all, since it is yearly subscription.)

Loads of Add-on Utilities with Strong Presence

  • Registry Cleaner
  • Evidence Cleaner
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Duplicate Cleaner
  • IE Tools
  • Optimize System Toolkit
  • System Tools Toolkit

Hell…, it is really a bulk load powerhouse. You can’t find any software with so many features available as free bonus on the whole planet! And they only sell this software for 40 bucks with 3 year subscription; I don’t really understand what is their marketing strategy or something wrong with their calculation. Anyway, it is really fascinating to see so many features available as a whole package. After looking at those features, I don’t think any more software you need to optimize or save your PC from the sluggish problems.

Powerful indeed, is it safe?
Good question! I also want to know when I used this software in the first place. After all, safety is always my top priority while using any software (nobody wants to increase more troubles with no reason). After I read the help file and tweak a little bit, it gives me confidence that it is very safe if you can give more attention or with no attention except to remember one thing: Backup your registry database first. The software requires that you must backup the registry database before you can proceed the repair session. Besides this, the included Backups toolkit provides a very impressive management solution where you can manually create or remove the full backup. You can also backup your whole system setting through the Restore Point utility within this powerful toolkit. In case of any failure during the operation, you can always come back to the previous state perfectly. After said that, I can tell you that Registry Easy is great and safe to use in all common cases!

I am Ak Justin, a L.A.-based developer with more than 10 years programming practice, and now a freelance writer for several major magazines in UK.


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